Update on Pirates of Penzance Auditions

Madison Drama!  Pirates of Penzance, Junior auditions will be on February 11 and 12right after schoolbackstage until 5:30pm.   All DRAMA students please listen carefully, we have a new system:   If you wish to audition, please sign up for an “audition group” in the office.   We will see the first 3 groups on Tuesday, Feb 11 and the remaining groups on Wednesday, Feb 12.  Please NOTE WHICH day you signed up.  You ONLY need to come on that day, right after school for the 1st round of auditions.  After we see everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will post a list on the morning of Thursday, Feb 13 of those we need to CALLBACK that afternoon.  We plan to post the final cast list on Friday, Feb 14.  For those who interviewed for crew on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, we will select a final CREW ROSTER and the list will be posted on Thursday morning.  Those selected for crew MAY be asked to help during auditions next week.  You will receive communication from your stage manager, Grace Varland, with assignments and further training information. Everyone interviewing for crew or auditioning must bring their signed permission form, list of conflicts and letters of recommendation in order to be considered for casting.  Permission Forms are available in the main office.  The participation fee is DUE and will be collected on Wed, March 11 at the 1st rehearsal.

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