Spring General Meeting

Wednesday, May 15th @ 7 pm, Madison Library

Please join us for our May General Meeting. The membership will vote on minutes, budget and any nominees for officers, and the chairs will give updates.

Dr. Gary will give an update on Madison about closing out the school year and starting up for next year; including information about the school’s new budget for next year now that the Olympia vote has raised the levy lid.

Seeking Officers for Next Year
The Madison PTSA Board is searching for parent leaders interested in working to support the Madison Middle School Community – parents, staff and students alike. Information is in the post below.

Save the Date! Madison PTSA will be screening the documentary “LIKE” on June 6th. Madison Counselors will moderate a discussion following the film. More information will be coming soon, please stay tuned, and be sure to invite any interested parents.

Questions for the Meeting – We know that it is difficult to come out to meetings mid-week. If you are just not able to make the meeting, but have questions that we can address at the meeting, we have created a Question Form for you to fill out, which can be anonymous or have your contact info included. Or you can ask questions by replying to this email.

If you have any questions about the meeting, or any other PTSA topics, please reach out to Fiona Preedy, Madison PTSA President, at president@madisonptsa.com.

All Madison parents, not just PTSA members, are always welcome to join our meeting!

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