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Help Lobby for 4-Way Stop Signs 

Concerns about student safety are a high priority for both Madison administration and parents. We have seen too many near misses in front of and alongside the school as parents drop students off in the morning. We are looking to raise our voices to SPS about this problem to support the installation of 4-Way Stop Signs at both cross-streets in front of Madison (45th and Hinds 7 45th and Spokane) to slow everyone down. How can you help??? Call or email Richard Staudt – SPS Risk Management – at 206-252-0710. Voice your concern and encourage what we hope will make walking into Madison safer for our kids.

The Madison PTSA held a Student Safety Program on Mar 18th, 2015 in response to a noticeable increase in crimes against students in the northern part of West Seattle.

IMG_0994Mark Solomon (, Crime Prevention Coordinator from SPD’s South & Southwest Precinct presented tips for students as they travel on Metro and walk around the neighborhood. He distributed various documents to parents to help educate them on how to keep their kids safe in the community (you can read and upload them by clicking on the links below):

IMG_0997Marlan Teeters ( ), Security Supervisor with Seattle Parks and Rec, provided input on safety at city parks and community centers. Dr. Gary shared information about lock down and shelter in place processes as well as updates on traffic issues experienced around the school campus.

If you could not make it to Madison Middle School that night, no worry! You can watch the video of the presentation/discussion on the West Seattle Blog.

The PTSA then worked with Mr. Solomon and the school staff to offer a student safety assembly in June, right on time before students would be set “free” for the summer.

If you need to report an incident at Madison, please file an incident report and return it to the School Principal.

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If a student or parent has any concerns about bullying, contact a Madison Counselor or Assistant Principal directly, or use the incident report form and return it to the School Principal or to an Assistant principal.

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Creating a climate free of bullying
Parents and caring adults can play pivotal roles in creating a healthy school and community climate that is free of bullying. By working together, educators, parents, concerned citizens, business leaders, advocates, and community members can support the implementation of bullying prevention programs, reinforce bullying prevention messages, and advocate for bullying policies to be implemented. This collaboration is critical as bullying happens everywhere that young people gather, including online, via text, and in social networks. For a great article on how to Face Bullying with Confidence, please click here.

Cyberbullying : Don’t forget that bullying can also happen online, via social media, text messages, emails, etc. To learn what cyberbullying is exactly, how it might affect the victim and how to prevent it, please click here.

Anti-bullying websites
Click here to access a list of great websites about bullying, as well as anti-bullying campaigns and resources.  Many of these resources are compiled by The Ophelia Project

Anti-bullying reading materials
There are many books and print materials that address bullying, some of which are in the Madison Middle School library. For a list of these materials click here.

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Click here for helpful links regarding cybersafety.

Additionally, here is the link to the safety presentation, hosted on the West Seattle Blog, that took place at Denny International Middle School in 2011.  Stefanie Thomas, a victim’s advocate with the Seattle Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force presents.