Madison Family Directory

Madison PTSA compiles its Family Directory at the beginning of each year to help students and families contact each other.  The finished directory is a PDF file that is emailed only to families who submit their contact information. The directory and your contact information will not be posted on any website.

This is a FREE service for all Madison families, not just PTSA members.

Deadline for the 2018/19 Family Directory is October 12, 2018 October 19th.  Any submissions received after that will be compiled for a possible future revision.

*January 5, 2019 – Time for a revised copy to go out, for second semester!  New submissions fill out the form before January 28th and you’ll receive a copy via email.  Corrections to your current information, fill out this form or email with your correction.  Families that submitted their info in the Fall, and have no corrections, do NOT need to fill out the form again, AND will receive the revised version

*October 26, 2018 – the Directory has been published and sent to participating families.  If you entered your information and didn’t receive a PDF in an email, please contact Fiona at  If you did not participate in time, if you fill out the form below, and there is a revised version sent out after your information is received, you will receive a copy.  If you are a brand new family moving to Madison mid-year, please email Fiona to request a copy.

Any questions, please contact

Family Directory