Back-to-School Drive

Thank you! Our PTSA Back to School drive has ended, and thanks to the generous support of our Madison families, we have met our goals!

With your money we will be helping provide supplies and equipment that will allow our students to learn and grow with fewer constraints and limitations.

Again, thank you for answering the call to support the staff and students of Madison.    – Dawn Sly, Fundraising Chair, On behalf of the PTSA Board 10/2/2016

Part of the mission of the Madison PTSA is to provide classroom support when teachers want or need something beyond what is provided by their supply budgets. We have consulted with the teachers and staff of Madison and have determined several areas of need. We have agreed to provide assistance in these areas to start the school year:

The PE department at Madison is in need of several repairs to their weight room equipment. They are also requesting maintenance money for the upkeep of new equipment funded by a grant in the 2015-16 school year. Other funds will go to purchase supplemental equipment.THANK YOU - GOAL MET!

Suggested donation: $50

Fine Arts – Goal $1500
The Art Dept. has requested $1500 to purchase expendable supplies in order to meet the needs of a growing population at Madison. Having adequate materials on hand reduces the limits on the students' creativity. The department would also like to be able to fund art show materials.THANK YOU - GOAL MET!

Suggested Donation $50

Back to Basics – Goal $3000
In the age of technology, budget line items for textbooks and classroom supplies tend to diminish in favor of that technology. Textbooks continue to be an effective teaching tool, however they deteriorate with use and in some cases do not keep up with current curriculum needs. Last year we provided two classroom sets of textbooks. This year we would like to provide at least one more set of 30 books at approximately $100 each, as well as augment any classroom supply shortfalls.THANK YOU - GOAL MET!

Suggested Donation $100

TECHNOLOGY - Goal $3000
Technology is critical to keeping our school and students up to date and competitive in the digital age. One concern with electronic devices is the need for maintenance and repairs. Last year the PTSA supplied 10 new monitors for one computer lab. Future technology needs include toner cartridges and digital camera repairs and/or replacements. Donate $250.00 to fund technology needs.THANK YOU - GOAL MET!

Suggested donation: $250

Not sure where to give?

You don’t have to choose between one of the above funds. You can donate what you are able to donate by clicking on the donate button below. Your donation will be used in the area that needs it the most at the end of the Back-to-School Drive campaign. Thank you so much for your support!

If you would rather donate with a check, you can download the Back-to-School Drive donation form here and send it back, along with your payment, to Madison Middle School PTSA, 3429 45th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116.