As we head into Summer…..

Officers Elected for the 2018-19 School Year

At our last General Meeting, held on May 16th, the following slate of officers was elected for the 2018-19 year:

Co-Presidents: Fiona Preedy
Vice-President Programs: Lorie Bennett 
Vice-President Fundraising: Erika Borges
Secretary: Sarah Steere 
Treasurers: Lara Dabbs and Kimberly Frank
Legislative Liaison: Kara Centioli

We want to to thank outgoing board members Maud de Bel and Kara Heinrichs!

A Great Year of Fundraising

Thank you for those of you who generously participated in donations to Madison via our various fund raisers, such as the direct drive, ‘back-to-school’, Raise the Paddle and Music Booster Swing Dance. Your contributions are much appreciated. The total of all our activities brought in over $70,000 this year!

The PTSA spent that money on every classroom, as teachers receive money for their supplies, and even more is provided for photography, art, the library and the nurse. We purchased science kits, textbooks, curriculum supplies, calculators in every math class, work tables in flex spaces, a 3D printer, digital cameras, PE equipment and fixes, professional development for teachers, writers’ workshop, a grant to keep the 8th grade cruise affordable, and lots of library books.

Music Boosters purchased incredible sound boards to use on stage for performances and new instruments, all thanks to the Music Boosters and Swing Dance Committee, and the Community for coming out to support them.

Over the summer we will be making sure that every classroom has a complete emergency backpacks and planning ways to get more information out to parents.

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to another great year!

Supporting our Families

This year, the PTSA continued to provide weekly communications to families about the opportunities and events at school and the surrounding community. The PTSA put Bulldogs in Spiritwear, created community events for 6th and 7th Grade families, put together a panel of Madison experts to talk about the extras at Madison, and another panel of students from many local high schools to 8th grade students about their schools. The Madison PTSA Board also passed a resolution advocating for gun violence prevention measures, joining with other local PTAs and Seattle Schools.

We were proud of our Parent Rep on the Building Leadership Team (BLT) Heather Hsu when she organized Schoology training at the High Point Library, so parents could learn to access their children’s learning using online tools.

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